Trailers / Short Form

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Really enjoyed working with Derek Lieu on this trailer for Romero Games and Paradox Interactive! Derek is a great collaborator on audio and provided most of the sound design, which allowed me to focus on the mix.

So much fun working on this “Moments” piece and the entire campaign for MLB The Show 19

Gameplay trailer for MLB The Show 19.

It was my great pleasure to mix this beautiful trailer for such a beautiful VR game.

Call of Duty. What more can I say? I’m happy with the audio detail and overall balance of strong music and present sound effects.

This is one of a series of promos for Sony PlayStation highlighting the quality of the PS Family of products and games. My task was to create compelling sound design for all graphical content, sweeten and edit gameplay audio, and create a mix that balanced these layers with the music for maximum impact.

This is a fun promo which puts a little humor into the big weather promo and also brings it down to a personal level inside the elevator. Through sound, I was able to create the reality inside the elevator and contrast that with the character’s personalized weather experience!

I really enjoyed designing sound and mixing this “dramatic” trailer for Github under the creative supervision of Andrew Lackey with Wabi Sabi Sound.

After a series of web teasers for an upcoming new game, this trailer was played at Gamescom, a major gaming conference. Original trailer created in 5.1 for Wabi Sabi Sound.

I was able to blur the lines between music and sound design by manipulating the music in ways that were far more compelling than standard whooshes and sound effects. Many of the techniques from this intro were used tastefully throughout the entire video.

The Launch Sequence for MTV CHI was played on the Jumbo-tron in Times Square and TRL Studios and was the very first video broadcast on the new network for young Chinese Americans. MTV CHI.

I provided the entire audio design/edit/mix throughout the edit process. Instead of leaving editorial and going to audio, never to be seen again, this piece actually went back and forth several times, resulting in a better product. I consider it one of my career favorites for that reason.