Sending Files to Audio Post

When preparing to send your project to audio post (specifically Pro Tools), there are several things to consider. The short answer is that we need a video reference and the audio on your timeline.

VIDEO: Your video just needs to be the right frame rate (it should match both the sequence used to create the AAF and the final output format. If these two things are different, we should talk). If you’re sending multiple videos, please make them all the same resolution (1080 or 720). I will make my own working file to use in Pro Tools. Please include your reference mix in the video export.

AAF: Most NLEs (Non-Linear Editors) can create AAFs successfully. Choose your NLE below:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Davinci Resolve

Avid Media Composer (consolidated/embedded audio)

Please note that there are certainly reasons to include all media (embedded or separate audio files) when exporting AAFs to ProTools, including metadata and Field Recorder Guide Tracks. This is a more advanced topic and worthy of conversation!